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Md. Ashraf Hossain, Mst. Kulsum Begum & A.F.M. Moshiur Rahman

2(1), Jan-Feb-Mar


This study evaluates various effective web-based resources to emphasis the importance of ESL (English as a Second Language) learning and teaching. Web-based resources have imperative impact on English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching and learning significantly. Web-based resources help ESL teachers and students to transfer ESL learning and teaching procedures. Efficient ESL teaching and learning materials have been offered with World Wide Web (WWW) to extend ESL lessons among teachers and learners. This research paper also reflects ways of finding web-based resources and dealing processes of important web-based resources for teachers and learners. How video and audio resources are converted for ESL resources? Diverse web-based popular ESL learning and teaching resources websites have been highlighted in this study to facilitate ESL teachers and learners. Moreover, this study directs ESL teachers and learners to investigate web-based sources to widen the usefulness of ESL learning and teaching in the world.
Keywords: ESL, Web-based resources, teaching and learning.

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