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Mentoring in Education

Muhammad Torequl Islam


The role of education in building an educated and ideal nation is immense. Mentoring has important roles in education, research activities and overall building a nation. This paper depicts the importance of mentoring in education with a comprehensive appraisal. Teachers are the forerunners of building an educated nation. Although any educational process requires a well-planned, well-organized, and far-reaching educational management in addition to various personal, family, and socio-economic regulators, the role of mentor in a student’s life is indescribable. A mentor can point out all the new and possible helpful approaches as well as awaken the latent approach of a person. In other words, a mentor can play supportive roles in increasing the confidence, develop resilience and character, or raise the aspirations of the recipients. Teachers and research mentors, however, play an important role in gathering specific academic, professional skills or knowledge. In conclusion, quality education helps to build up a quality nation. Appropriate strategies will be needed to develop quality and fruitful mentoring approaches, which will play a pivotal role in building quality human resources.

Keywords: Education process, mentor, mentor teacher, teacher mentor

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