• Is JEE registered in ISSN portal?
    Answer: YES
  • Is JEE an open access and peer-reviewed journal?
    Answer: YES
  • How many authors does JEE accept for a single manuscript?
    Answer: Not more than 3 (three) but it depends upon the type of the paper.
  • Does JEE accept fees?
    Answer: Yes. There is a nominal subscription fees for review & parcel: (Applicable only if the article is accepted.)
    Print and Online: 5,500 BDT (Bangladeshi authors), 60 USD (SAARC Countries) and 75 USD (Other)
  • How long does it take for the peer-review process?
    Answer: Minimum four to six weeks. Sometimes, it takes more than 2 months. It depends upon the type and length of a paper.
  • Is there any exemption/reduction of fees in any special case?
    Answer: There is no way to exempt/reduce the fees but JEE publishes thce manuscript that contributes beyond excellence with no fees if recommended by the Editorial Board.
  • What are the payment methods for paying subscription fees?
    Answer: JEE accepts bKash, Rocket, VISA Card and Bank Transfer payment system.
  • Is there any way for rapid publication within a week?
    Answer: Please note, JEE doesn’t entertain any rapid publication request. 
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