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Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan

2(1), Jan-Feb-Mar

The present comprehensive study investigates the differences and uniqueness of the dialect of Bhairab, a prominent commercial area of Bangladesh located in Kishoregonj district in comparison with the Standard Bangla. Language usually varies after every particular distance throughout the world. Most often these variations and differentiations are found in the day-to-day use of supra-segmental elements of oral language. This study compares some of the traditional, social and public words and sentences of Bhairab dialect with the spelling and pronunciation of standard Bangla. At the same time, it aims at the changes found in tone and intonation in the dialect of Bhairab. Accordingly 50 respondents participated in the survey and five professionals were interviewed to collect data. The natural instinct of humans is always inclined to sustain the traditional culture, linguistic identity and nationalism. Regarding that, dialectal sustainability also significantly matters to uphold one’s own culture and language. The central objective is to bring out the traditionalism and pastoral of a same language in any dialect other than its standard version. The paper also tends to show the profusion of some specific sounds that are used by the inhabitants of Bhairab.
Keywords: Dialect, new vocabularies, /h/, /ðʊ̈ /, /ɒ/

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