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Community Involvement in Tourism and its Viability in Bangladesh

Jahan Ara Begum

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is a recent buzzword among the tourism policy makers of developing countries, the donor agencies, NGOs, and the stakeholders. Conceptual evolution of tourism taught us to be more focused and careful on the concept of sustainable tourism. Consequently, more emphasis is being given on the concept of community-based tourism– an offshoot of sustainable tourism; without which sustainability is not ensured. The paper examines some of the success and failure issues of CBT and proposes three models of CBT on the basis of observations by different researchers. Attempts have also been done to explain which of the models might turn a CBT into a viable initiative. Finally, in light of the model, Bandarban– a mountainous region of Bangladesh has been examined as a jackpot of successful CBT. Bangladesh, being an over populated country, needs to protect the tourism assets from depletion because of overflow of tourists to a particular destination. No law can ensure sustainability of the tourism assets unless the local people are involved and trained up to make them aware that tourism assets are owned by them and these, if preserved properly, will generate income for them and for generations to come.
Keywords: CBT, sustainability, heritage site, tourism asset, models

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