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Rites de Passage in Bangladesh: Nilphamari Perspective

Md. Mohoshin Reza


Abstract: The study has investigated the rites and rituals throughout the life-cycle of man in Nilphamari district. The study found them influenced with local customs, beliefs and religious values as dominant over the passages of life in Nilphamamri district. The transitions i.e. childhood- puberty- adolescence- coming of the age- adulthood- marriage- death involve distinguished customs and conventions which also resemble practices countrywide. The study was qualitative in nature. Most data are qualitative. Mostly, interview, focus group discussion (FGD) and content analysis methods have been used for collecting data. Secondary sources include books, articles, research papers and websites.
Keywords: Passage of life, rites and rituals, transitional stages, Muslim community, Nilphamari district

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