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Reading Fiction and Poetry: A Path to Establish Peace in Society

Rahman M. Mahbub & Shahnaj Parvin



Abstract: This paper studies the significance of reading fiction and poetry and explores the role of arts and literature as a catalyst for establishing peace in society. As all the literary pursuits focus on finding a greater kind of harmony than the existing one that paves to a greater peace in society, the purpose of this study is to show the relationship between literature and the health of society. This study is a narrative research and follows descriptive-cum analytical method. The textual references are given and analysed as evidence to support the argument that literature – the fiction and poetry have power to open minds, create empathy and transform lives. The researchers would explore and show how and why fiction and poetry matter in the contemporary world. It is found “if a nation’s literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays” as Ezra Pound opines in his ABC’s of Reading (1934). This study definitely answers the question regarding correlation between literature and peace of society. Further studies are needed to establish and expose subtle relationship and develop positive measures in this arena.
Keywords: Reading fiction and poetry, empathy, society, peace

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