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Challenges of Social Sustainability Practice in Project Management

Shah Mujahid Uddin & Jahan Ferdous


Abstract: There is a major concern for social and environmental sustainability in project management. Pioneering solutions are needed to cope with the 21st century challenges of globalization especially project management. In the circumstances of the 21st century challenges, the organizations and countries from diverse milieu have started to review their sustainability and project supervision approaches. Even though two distinct key-elements of an organization, with importance attributable to the performance of an organization, they are interrelated, and sustainability can be integrated within project management. In order to evaluate this fact, the present study has conducted to identify the challenges of project management. The review paper was a documentary analysis typed. The study was conducted during the period between December-2017 and May-2018. From the result, some challenges of project management such as developing an understanding of Project lifecycle, stakeholder management, and engagement, developing sustainability strategies, integration of social sustainability dimensions, developing sustainable procurement, and resource scarcity. However, project monitoring and evaluating authority should be experienced, qualified, and free from any kind of unethical behavior. Moreover, sufficient knowledge about the project management process as required for a project successful.
Keywords: Project Management, Sustainability, Challenges, Resources

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