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Social Responsibility for Tourism Development in Bangladesh

Jahan Ara Begum


Abstract: Tourism is considered as an important contributor to economic growth, job creation and social upliftment. At the same time there is a negative side to the “balance sheet”. Uncontrolled conventional tourism (mass tourism) poses potential threats in the form of depletion of natural resources, increase in pollution level, ecological imbalance and social aggression. To prevent or minimize the negative impact of tourism, it is vital to control the acts of human beings through appropriate laws. There are a few numbers of tourism laws in Bangladesh. Also, there are some other environment protection laws, regulations, policies and strategies covering tourism issues. Bu no law gives specific guidelines to handling negative socio-economic impacts of tourism; or to slowing down the environmental and ecological degradation because of tourism. Tourism itself cannot do harm to the environment, the human beings are rather responsible for that. In order to minimize it, the local grass-root level stakeholders will be best actors to train the tourists to take care of the ecology, environment and bio-diversity of that destination. Creation of Destination Management Organization (DMO) in the tourist destinations has become important tool towards this end. Creation of CBT and DMOs could be started immediately by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism (Mo CAT) in popular and over crowded tourist destinations of the country. Related ministries, tourism practioners, academicians and the local stakeholders could be involved in this process. The study suggested a framework for Sustainable Responsible Tourism is needed for tourism policy implication. Tourism policy development is not an isolated planning process.
Keywords: Social responsibility, Tourism philosophies, Environmental conservation, Tourism Value chain, Stakeholders’ 3Rs

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