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Use of Technology Resources to Enhance EFL Speaking Skills in Bangladesh: Exploring Learner Perceptions

Paulomi Rahman Nisha


Abstract: Modern technology provides learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) easy access to various learning resources. Different technology resources are widely used in the field of language teaching and learning as they help the learners to improve their skills. Specifically, the use of technology resources including internet, multimedia projection system, video lessons on different applications, language translation applications, online dictionaries, etc. can play a crucial role in enhancing the speaking skills of EFL learners because they foster greater interaction in the classroom and outside of the classroom. In this case, technology resources can be used not as a substitute for the classroom teacher but as an additional tool. Therefore, this paper reports on a study which investigated the perceptions of the students about the uses of the internet and modern technologies to improve English speaking skills. This study was based on a questionnaire survey. The participants of this study were 30 MA students from the Department of English, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The results revealed that most of the students had a positive attitude towards using the existing technologies to develop their speaking skills.
Keywords: Modern technology, resources, EFL learner, speaking skill.

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