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Perceiving Reality through Absurdity: A Prime Projection in Waiting for Godot and The Thing

Shahnaj Parvin & Rahman M. Mahbub


This paper offers an in-depth analysis of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Ahmad’s The Thing with the focus on the sense of craving to go on and enduring the existence, the ultimate reality of human life. Between these two extraordinary playwrights of Absurd Theatre, one is from the West and the other is from the East. So, a meticulous survey on these two selected plays unfolds trajectories of convergence. This research will show that though the two plays are of two opposite continents they are primly projecting the same theme of realizing reality through absurdity using the same structural techniques of absurd drama. The researchers find it remarkable that despite an outwardly hopeless fate both the plays express the human spirit of continuing life through endurance and invite the audience to win the absurdity of life by enduring it. Such is reality and, in both the plays, this realization of accepting reality comes through absurdity. However, it is narrative research that follows the descriptive-cum analytical method, and the relevant textual references are given as evidence to support the argument of this study.

Keywords: Absurdity, endurance, existence, reality, new meaning of life

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