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Violence against Women among the Slum Dwellers of Sholashahar in Chattogram

Al Jamal Mustafa Shindaini, Eshra Faruky


Abstract: This study focuses on the current scenario of domestic violence occurring against married women within slum dwellers, the extent of the problem, causes behind these kinds of violence against women, and impacts of violence within slum dwellers. In-depth interviewing and focus group discussion were directed to collect the primary data and few articles and books were supportive as secondary data for the study. The research reveals some varied reasons behind the existing forms of violence including poverty, low-level income, and demand for dowry, some social and socio-cultural factors. The subordinate position of women is the fundamental cause of violence against them in our society. The socio-cultural and economic structure of society validates male domination and oppression over women. Since the legal interventions and gender justice issues have arisen and types of machinery taken by the government, the society and position of women are changing day by day for the expected positive upcoming and changes. Thus, the study also explores the challenges to overcome the women’s situation as well as to analyze the jeopardized position of gender justice, exploring the current situation of violence against women.
Keywords: Violence, women, slum dwellers, domestic violence

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