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Assessment of Oral English Ability at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh

Hafsa Akter


‘Useful’ and ‘necessary’ information about the language ability of a student is expected to be known through some language tests which give statement of what the learner has achieved in a second or foreign language. Here, in Bangladesh, good grade does not always certify whether the student can communicate spontaneously or not. Previous research claims that the problem is not in the teaching learning method only, negligence in the testing and evaluation of different skills are also responsible. This study aims to find the present circumstances of English oral ability assessment at tertiary level in Bangladesh. For the purpose of the study, data were collected from secondary sources only and analyzed carefully. The findings of the paper show that the assessment of oral English ability at tertiary level is neglected in Bangladesh. The study displays that the marks allotted and the testing techniques used for the assessment of oral ability at tertiary level are insufficient. The study recommends to allocate more marks on the assessment of oral ability and to incorporate more testing techniques in the assessment of oral ability.

Keywords: Assessment, oral ability, tertiary level, test techniques.

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