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Independent Language Learning (ILL): A Post-method Strategy for the Remote Learners of Bangladesh

Meherun Nessa, Mumtahina Fardos


The paper presents an easy-going English language learning strategy for the remote learners of Bangladesh. Learning a foreign language takes place gradually through different stages of learners’ ages in which several factors play a significant role. This study intended to shed light on the situations of English language teaching and learning at the secondary and higher secondary levels in the educational institutions in Bangladesh, particularly in the remote areas. However, the researchers took interviews of 27 school and college teachers from the rural areas of three different districts of Dhaka and Comilla Division in Bangladesh. According to the opinions of the teachers, the researchers found out several significant drawbacks of English language learning situations in the rural areas of Bangladesh. In the English as a foreign language (EFL) context of Bangladesh, the learners usually face anxiety while practicing and using English language in a formal situation. Hence, this paper intends to propose an Independent language learning approach entitled ‘Independent Language Learning (ILL)’ especially for the English language learners of the remote rural areas of Bangladesh.

Keywords: ILL, EFL, syllabus, role of teachers and students, remote learners.

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