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Growing Importance of ICT in ELT for Effective Pedagogy during COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh

K. M. Amirul Islam & Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan


Many recent studies have already shown that the usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can function more effectively to facilitate the teaching and learning processes by enriching the aptitude of the teachers and the students respectively. Presently, the pandemic COVID 19 scenario reassures that ICT in English Language Teaching (ELT) as a part of pedagogy might play a pivotal role to develop English teaching proficiency. At this backdrop, this paper aims at studying the importance of applying ICT in ELT as a part of pedagogy to assess students’ present state of English and the subsequent development module emphasizing special attention to the COVID 19 situation. The participants of this study are 65 students, 15 parents, and 20 teachers of different levels from various institutions of Bangladesh covering public, private, and military-run institutions. The authors conducted the survey among the stakeholders based on a questionnaire to find out the understanding level of ICT based education in ELT and its practical application followed by a suggestive development program. Thereafter, semi-structured interviews were also conducted for the understanding of the growing importance of ICT in ELT as a part of pedagogy in Bangladesh during the pandemic COVID 19.
Keywords: ICT, Pedagogy, ELT, Practical applications, Pandemic situation 

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