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Newspapers of Bangladesh in the Digital Age: Strategies and Applications

Kazi M. Anisul Islam & Ali Ahsan

3(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

Technologies are posing numerous challenges to the newspaper industry around the world by exploring digital platforms and changing the reading habits of audiences living in the digital age. The challenges are putting impacts on the circulations and revenues of newspapers that are causing readership and economic loss. To survive in this age, the newspaper industries around the world are adopting several strategies to meet the challenges and cope up with the technological changes. The study aims to examine the types of strategies of Bangladeshi newspapers and the extent of their applications to see how the newspapers are surviving. Based on purposive sampling, the study selects Bangladesh Protidin, Prothom Alo, Kaler Kantha, and Samakal, the most popular Bengali dailies in Bangladesh. Based on the in-depth interviews (IDI) and the content analysis, the results reveal that several strategies such as creating online versions, use of social media, working with integrated newsrooms, and so on have been planned but yet to be properly applied in the newspapers in full swing. The study explores the lack of focus and emphasis on the executions of the strategies due to numerous causes including the economic crisis, lack of human resources, social limitations, and the scarcity of supports and time. The study shows that the newspapers lack the dedicated procedure to measure the effectiveness of the strategies, and are still following the traditional methods that show the weak stand to cope up with the technological changes and ever-changing reading habits of the audience. Furthermore, the findings reveal an unparalleled economic base among the newspapers that have created a monopolist and imbalanced media market in the country. The study concludes by emphasizing the coordinated initiatives of the government, journalists, and media owners for the survival of print newspapers of Bangladesh in the digital age.

Keywords: Newspaper, strategy, technology, readability, citizen journalism

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