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Promoting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: An Introspection from the Perspective of Cadet College Classrooms

Md. Khairul Bashar


Abstract: Critical thinking and problem-solving skills can play a vital role in preparing cadets of the cadet colleges to meet up the demands of the 21st-century professional arena. To make them competent to work anywhere in the world in any situation and to ensure the best career for every cadet, critical thinking and problem-solving skills can help a lot. These skills enable someone to be confident and well prepared before the unseen difficulties of the future. For ensuring maximum success of the cadets, critical thinking and problem-solving skills can be acquired through the activities related to classroom, leadership, creativity, collaboration, and communication among the cadets and faculty members. The present study aims at analyzing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, evaluating the qualities required in the 21st century, and teaching those skills to the cadets considering the realities of cadet college classrooms in general, and providing guidelines to make the teaching-learning process of the cadet colleges more effective in specific.
Keywords: Critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, leadership, creativity, classroom culture

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