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Exploring the Attitudes of the Teachers and Learners towards the Learner Centered EFL Classroom at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh

Farjana Khanum


Abstract: Learner centered approach emphasizes on the autonomy of the learners in the classroom where the learners will be mostly responsible for their learning. But, in the context of Bangladeshi tertiary level education system, teachers and learners have mixed attitude for autonomous classroom. Realizing the necessity of learners’ centeredness in EFL classroom, the present study investigated the perceptions of both teachers and learners regarding learners’ autonomy. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Quantitative data regarding learners’ perception are collected from one university and qualitative data were collected from four teachers belong to two different universities. The respondents were 2nd year students of BA (Honors) in English. The results show that both the teachers and learners feel the necessity of learner centered classroom but because of some constraints they cannot implement this approach successfully. The learners still have highly teacher dependent attitude though they believe in autonomy.
Keywords: Learner autonomy, tertiary level EFL learners, attitudes and perceptions of learners, learning strategies

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