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Tahsina Tabassum & Sutapa Chowdhury

2(1), Jan-Feb-Mar

The study considers the alternative research paradigm by explaining the procedure of writing constructivist research papers with an emergent issue- soft skills in career success. ‘Skill’ can be considered as under researched construct. It can be undervalued if it is not properly executed. Both ‘hard skill’ and ‘soft skill’ are complementary to each other. Hard Skill can be known as technical learnable skill which is applied to perform a certain task. ‘Soft Skill’ used to indicate personal transversal competencies including communication, decision making, problem solving ability etc. The study upholds ten dimensions of soft skills by applying hermeneutic dialectic methodology including five respondents from different perspectives. The study solicits with major claims, concerns and issues regarding soft skills by applying convenient personal interview methods. The study come up with a declaration that, soft skills are the prerequisite in this global competition and consider as employability skills that stands beside hard skill. To make competent our next generation there is no alternative to initiate the support system of providing soft skills related learning.
Keywords: Constructivist, soft skills, personal competencies

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