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Nazia Forhin Shifat

2(1), Jan-Feb-Mar

The study tends to depict the grammatical lapses in academic English committed by the undergrads at a private university in Bangladesh. The study seeks for the frequent errors and mistakes learners make in academic writing which has been collected from the teaching experiences gained through the teaching of ‘Foundation English’ to the first year undergrads. Data was collected from examining exam scripts and from classroom practices. The focus of analyzing errors and mistakes is given on whether first year university learners can write English according to the timely actions of the subject (tense), whether they can write correct verbs according to the number of subjects (subject verb agreement) and also whether they can use the active and passive sense in proper place while writing. Writing being a procedure to learn, to be successful in this process of writing learners require to produce grammatically correct sentences that pave the way of exposing speaking which is too timely for private university students in the current context of Bangladesh. Being English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners, it is the basis to learn grammar to persist their learning ‘writing’ in advanced level. Also, it hopes to make teachers aware about their classroom pedagogy and learner about classroom learning by gaining language proficiency and by overcoming their errors and mistakes in writing in their EFL classroom.

Keywords: First year undergrads, errors, mistakes, English language, classroom

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