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Revisiting Begum Rokeya’s World: A Study on Sultana’s Dream

Shirin Akter

2(3), Jul-Aug-Sep

Dreaming implies the presence of stern reality and yearning for the desired world. Sultana’s Dream (1905) by Begum Rokeya is investigative of society. She, as a seer, dreamt about a society filled with meritocracy, harmony and sense of humanity. Sultana’s Dream is the upshot of her hunger for awakening women from their dormant state for women’s development which certainly confers strength on today’s women. This study examines Begum Rokeya as a visionary who craves women’s equality along with men through her utopian world portrayed in Sultana’s Dream. By exemplifying the lady-land in this utopian world through universal female education, she makes it obvious that women can be the productive cultivator of their mind and can implement or invent the ways of life; safe and sound, and free from all maladies of the society.
Keywords: Dream, lady-land, feminism, education, humanity

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