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Requirements of English Language Courses for Engineering Students in Bangladesh: Teaching and Learning Perspectives

Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

Language helps us to express thoughts, dreams and aspirations. The purpose of this paper is to study the requirements of academic English from the lookouts of teaching and learning for the engineering students of Bangladesh by means of assessing their present condition of English and the subsequent development module of their English language proficiency. The population of this study was 92 engineering students from different engineering universities of Bangladesh covering public, private and military run institutions. 22 academicians working in engineering universities were also interviewed. Here the participants were observed, interviewed personally and also surveyed through a questionnaire to discover their present level of English followed by a suggestive development program. Experienced faculties of English language and other disciplines, involved with engineering students, were also considered to find out a concrete and true fact from ground scenario.
Keywords: Academic requirement, engineering students, English proficiency, development program

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