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A Study on Feministic Relevance between Jane Austen and Sharat Chandra Chatterjee

Ahmad Mahbub-ul-Alam

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

Feminist novelists Jane Austen and Sharat Chandra contributed to English and Bangla literature in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively through their unique representation of contemporary women conditions. Their novels are well appreciated by a large number of readers and researchers of both the West and the East not only for academic reasons but also for pleasure in getting the flavor of female experiences of two different times and spaces by the authors of two different sexes. The study has been developed as a critical review of literature on them showing relevance of female representation in the respective contexts.
Keyword: Women, novels, Jane Austen, Sharat Chandra, feministic relevance

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225 552 Comparative Literature
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