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Abject Performance of Learning English Language at the Elementary Level in Bangladesh

Mohammad Aktaruzzaman Khan

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

English has been practised as an international language as well as the key for information access round the globe. Besides, a lot of important points has made English language very much essential to be learned. Having the ability in English also helps the students to study in wider-scale by skipping language barrier. Elementary school is the best stage to learn English as second language for non-native English language countries. In the existing situation, teaching and learning of English at the elementary level in Bangladesh has a very low standard where most of the students face difficulties to communicate in English and even competency level of most English teachers is not up to the mark (Sultana, 2010). With few major objectives, this study explores the present status, challenges of English learning at the elementary level in Bangladesh. Both the primary and secondary data has been collected and analyzed. 26 teachers had responded to the survey from four different schools in Dhaka. This paper has attempted to represent the overall situation about abject performance of learning English language at the elementary level in Bangladesh.
Keywords: Education in Bangladesh, elementary level, English teacher, communicative approach

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