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Impact of Motivation on Learning EFL Speaking: An Empirical Study at the Private Universities in Bangladesh

Malobika Mazumder

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

Motivation is one of the most influential factors in learning English as Foreign Language (EFL) speaking. The present study attempted to explore the impact of motivation on learning EFL speaking in the private universities in Bangladesh. The study was conducted in four private universities of Dhaka city ranked 1-10. The key participants were 40 students from the department of English of those universities. Findings showed that most of the learners were intrinsically and instrumentally motivated to be the good EFL speakers. From the perspective of intrinsic motivation, desiring to be like native speaker, understanding English art and culture, taking part in foreign exchange program, meeting foreign people had the tremendous impact on learning EFL speaking. Instrumental motivating factors like securing good grades, getting good job and higher salary had great impact on learning EFL speaking. It was recommended that positive attitude and support from teachers and authority could motivate learners in learning EFL speaking in large scale.
Keywords: EFL, speaking, motivation, private university

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