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Hurdles for Journal Publications

Muhammad Torequl Islam


Abstract: Teachers, students, and researchers regularly publish their research materials in various journals for academic excellence and overall research progress, especially in the university. In addition to the research facilities of an organization, the quality of the article also depends on the quality of its researcher or article writer. On the other hand, there are thousands of journals in the world in terms of quantity and quality. The quality of journals (e.g., rank, impact factor), guidelines, submission, review and publication processes, article processing charge (APC), scopes, editorial and review board oversight also harm the researcher and their research activities and publication, thereby, overall, the progress of research in the world. This article highlights the undesirable and unresolved outcomes of journal publication. The most common complications are related to the type and quality of the journals, journal selection and article transfer services, intricacy in article submission, review and publication processes, complexity in linguistic, referencing, plagiarism and charges (including APC), biased attitudes of the journal, impact complications, and copyright permission rules. The above problems can be properly addressed by a combination of journals, journal regulatory agencies, research institutes, and researchers.
Keywords: Articles, journals, higher education, publication difficulty


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