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Teaching English in Post-method: Perceptions of Learners, Teachers and Teacher-Educators in Bangladesh

Md. Habibur Rahman & Tasmia Moslehuddin


Abstract: This paper examines the need of ‘Teaching English in Post-method (TEP)’ approach in the EFL classroom of Bangladesh and the insights of post-method pedagogy among the teachers, also teacher-educators from Kumaravadivelu’s lens. Since the start of TESOL or TEFL in Bangladesh, our teachers are teaching English in the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach not quite comprehensibly. Whether for negligence or inexperience, most of our Bangladeshi EFL teachers are not concerned to make the learners skilled to compete with the other world. So, the current EFL situation demands certain imperative teaching tactics for Bangladesh as recommended in this paper and introduces the modern TEP approach after the idea of post-method pedagogy. The study follows a qualitative approach to be developed. The researcher arranged three focus group discussions for 90 learner-participants and adopted semi-structured interviews for 17 teachers and 12 teacher-educators to establish the statement: “TEP is an absolute humane approach that can fervently make learning easy for both the EFL teachers and learners in a context like Bangladesh.” Finally, some recommendations were fixated on the effective execution of TEP in Bangladesh.
Keywords: Post-method, TEP, failure of CLT, role of teachers, teacher-educators

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