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Social Duties and Responsibilities of the Muslims for Peace and Development: Bangladesh Perspective

Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad


Abstract: Allah the Almighty has given some duties and responsibilities to the human being.  He has made some duties and responsibilities obligatory and some optional for mankind. These duties and responsibilities start from personal level to family, social, institutional even state level of development and peace. The main objective of this research is to determine the social duties and responsibilities that have been given by Islam and to what extent the Muslims in Bangladesh are practicing them. In the present days many Muslims in Bangladesh as well as in the world is not following the instructions of Allah the Almighty properly; even many of them do not know about their duties and responsibilities which have been given by their creator. The research found that the so-called modern system of living has made people more materialistic and driven them away from spirituality. They are detached from the divine teachings in family, society, institutions, and even the state. That’s why there occur many misdeeds regularly in our family, society, and the state which hinder development and peace in the country. In a Muslim majority country like Bangladesh, people should follow the instructions of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah regarding their duties and responsibilities to ensure peace and development.
Keywords: Social responsibilities, Muslim, Qur’an, sunnah, peace, development

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