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Impact of Plagiarism in the Higher Education Research of Bangladesh

Ferdousi Akter


Abstract: Plagiarism is a common problem in higher education research, not only in Bangladesh, but in almost all the countries. It is really a rising global problem which many developed countries cannot even control, and developing countries like Bangladesh are not properly aware of. Punishment for plagiarism is not rare in Bangladesh, even different institutions adopted their policy against it, but they can’t tackle the situation efficiently. Strongest reason behind this misconduct is that there is no mandatory provision for checking plagiarism in higher education research. From 2019, only a few universities started to use software for checking MPhil/PhD thesis using plagiarism checking software. Even measures taken in higher education level, for teaching research techniques, are not effective for conducting research in the right way. So, the situation is getting worse day by day. Some effective measures like adopting mandatory checking provision, giving attention in improving research techniques, training up supervisors, etc. will obviously improve the research quality and overall situation.
Keywords: Plagiarism, research, impact, higher education

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