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Metalinguistic Feedback and Metacognitive Scaffolding among Undergraduate Students to Improve Active Listening Skills

Md. Kabil Uddin


Abstract: This paper examines the need for Active Listening Skills (ALS) and applying Metalinguistic Feedback (MF) and Metacognitive Scaffolding (MS) for the English department students of Bangladesh. Even after using the Grammar Translation Method (GTM) and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), the teachers cannot improve the students’ ALS and enhance communication skills significantly. Consequently, despite studying English as a major subject for four years, the students of Bangladesh fail to obtain the ability to connect the people across the world properly. Hence, it is imperative to foster ALS of the Bangladeshi students immediately. However, MF focuses on the learners’ language use errors and supports them in an inductive approach. Besides, it equips with appropriate assessment tasks to detect the learning progress. Alternatively, MS provides the teacher with different classroom activities and assessment tasks. Therefore, the current study aims to prepare a lesson plan by infusing MF and MS in English department classrooms to improve ALS. The research is qualitative in design and collected secondary data from online sources. The researcher explored literature and found that MF and MS have immense potential to boost English department students’ ALS.
Keywords: ALS, MF, MS, communication skills, assessment tasks

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